Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Project

Location: Louisville, KY

Client: Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc

Architect: Barnette Bagley
Exhibit Designer:  Solid Light
Project Cost: $10,000,000
Project Size (Building): 18,129 Square Feet

This complicated renovation project included a complete interior and exterior rehabilitation of an existing 6-story and extremely narrow structure.  Inside, the building was transformed to house a Visitors Center with interpretive exhibits, a micro distillery, a gift shop, a “speakeasy” themed event space, and staff offices including the executive office suite of Heaven Hill Distillery’s Vice-President.  

STW provided a complete electrical distribution system, mechanical HVAC system, plumbing system and fire suppression system for the 18,129 square foot and $10,000,000 renovation.   

The mechanical systems for the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience is an example how the correct system selection can contribute to the interior feel of a building.  The small piping for the VRF/VRV HVAC systems located throughout the building allowed for tall ceiling heights. Small VRV units allowed for creative hiding spaces for interior HVAC equipment. Small exterior units fit easily within the confines of the party wall/property line restraints of a downtown historic building.  This building also lends itself to the heat recovery capabilities of VRV systems due to an equal amount of interior and exterior exposed spaces.