Robertson County School Project

Location: Mt. Olivet

Client: Robertson County Public Schools

Shrout Tate Wilson was contracted to provide MEP design services for the new 85,000 sq. ft. K-12 school located in Robertson County.

The HVAC utilized a central geothermal modular heat pump to generate chilled and hot water for chilled beams located in the classroom spaces. Primary air was provided to the chilled beams via dual wheel energy recovery units for precise dewpoint control. The chilled beams were provided with chilled water from a plate and frame heat exchanger. There were (4) four different water loops designed to carry the building loop (Hot Water, Geothermal, Chilled 45 Deg. F Water, and Chilled 58 Deg. F Water). All water loops utilized variable speed pumping. The geothermal loop was a classic primary/secondary pumping set up. The hot water and chilled water utilized a variable primary pumping scheme. DDC controls were provided to schedule and manage the HVAC system. All utilities were metered and reported back to a Green Screen located in the main lobby so that the students could learn about the operation of their school. 

Robertson County School is the first fully functional chilled beam system installed in a K-12 school in the state.